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Your Mission is Our Mission

The Community Energy Division of Calpine Energy Solutions is widely recognized as the premiere back-office and customer services partner for CCAs in California and beyond.

Like our clients, we believe in the power of customer choice: combating climate change by giving communities the decision-making power to procure cleaner and more affordable electricity for their communities. CCAs actively work towards creating a smarter, more resilient, and more affordable energy system to take us into the future.

We understand that implementing and operating a CCA program takes smarts and dedication.

Aside from pursuing their primary mission and policy goals, CCAs must also provide their customers best-in-class wholesale and retail data management and billing services; big data analytics; grid-edge insights; and call center and customer solutions. It’s no small undertaking, and errors can be both damaging and expensive.

Calpine Energy Solutions expertly handles all the back-office heavy lifting so that our CCA partners can focus on delivering cleaner energy choices and innovative local programs for their customers.

Together, we help shape the change our communities are asking for.

Our Core Values

Accuracy — We consistently deliver our clients validated, actionable data with the highest degree of accuracy in the industry

Reliability — Our advanced data management, customer care systems, and unparalleled billing functions run 24/7 to continually support your success.

Experience — Our unmatched institutional knowledge, advanced technology, and analytics tools are a few of the reasons we’ve become the premiere operations partner for CCAs across the US.

Trust — We build lasting partnerships with our clients based on honest communication, vigilant data protection, and superior data analysis to help CCAs achieve their organizational and policy goals.

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Helping CCAs reach their maximum potential is what matters most to us. We would love to hear from you to learn more about how our data management, customer engagement and advanced energy solutions can support and guide your CCA to success.

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